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Ruborg Authentically Shares His Love For Roots Rock In “Villain of the Piece” This October 1st

Expectations are high with the anticipation of the release of the new album from Sweden-based artist and songwriter Johan Ruborg who’s set to release his newest album Villain of the Piece this upcoming October 1st. He spectacularly remains inspired by his love for roots rock, which blends an intriguing mix of Folk, Blues and Country […]

Forrest Hill – “River of Stars”

Singer-songwriter Forrest Hill releases an enticing blend of indie music with elements of folk, pop and alternative rock in his latest album. River of Stars comes as a personal perspective of the human condition and what he’s learned from his meditation practices. Influenced by artists such as Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads, The Beatles, Paul Simon, […]

The Mulroys Return with a Rocking Americana Single for Summer

The roots rock/classic rock-leaning new single, “The Signs” from California Americana/alt. rock duo The Mulroys (formerly Rollers) is one of the standout singles of the week. The song is characterized by impressive guitar playing, a peppy percussive edge and harmonic choruses. They were aiming for a sound that’s a mix between Tom Petty and Son […]

Interview: John Vento Breaks Down The Pittsburgh Music Scene & Discuss His Latest Releases

Singer-songwriter John Vento is one of a kind performer who’s heartfelt and introspective music has the ability to reach people at the exact moment they need his words. We spoke with him to discuss his releases, plans for re-opening Steamworks Creative and his most recent collaborations! Thanks for speaking with us! How are you doing? I’m doing great, thanks […]

Brian Charles Tischleder Prepares To Release “Momma Told Me So”

Brian Charles Tischleder embraces his Americana folk rock’n roll roots in his single “Momma Told Me So.” The upcoming single is part of a ten-song album discussing the state of the country with a range of musical genres fit for everybody. Listeners may have heard of Tischleder through his previously recorded solo albums Bordertown, Dreams and Fears, and […]

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