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Bobbo Byrnes – “Angelia”

Bobbo Byrnes shares his latest single, “Angelia,” from his album released in 2018, Two Sides To This Town. The title of the album, which is mentioned in the opening song “Angelia” speaks about the political division in the United States. The 10-track album explores finding the answers to that division. Two Sides To This Town is a rock […]

Bobbo Byrnes – “Mrs What’s His Name”

Bobbo Byrnes dedicates the single “Mrs What’s His Name” off of The Red Wheelbarrow to his wife. Filmed in California, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, “Mrs. What’s His Name” refers to a twisted love song of feeling shame of his partner being called “Mrs What’s His Name” because of the way he is. “If I could change, I would/ But you know that I ain’t no good” […]

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