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Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller – “Vibrations of Peace”

New York based singer/songwriter, radio show host, and recording artist Stephanie Jeannot shares “Vibrations of Peace” off of her latest album. The Brooklyn based artist has collaborated with John Mueller from Chicago, IL in her 2020 album The Stephanie Jeannot & John Mueller Project where they share 13 songs on their desire to bring peace into the world, share their love for their […]

Dolo Spears Remains Honest In New Release “Tru Colors”

Dolo Spears displays how putting your heart into something so important to you will always come out as an incredible creation with the release of his album Tru Colors. The independent artist and producer based out of Chicago sets himself apart as someone who aims to always be honest in his music. It’s something listeners can appreciate as […]

Stock Footage – “You And Me”

Following the release of their eclectic release, “Broken Together,” Chicago-based band Stock Footage returns with a new optimistic song titled “You And Me.” “You And Me” contains a beautiful message about feeling secure in the direction you’re headed in life. They sing about the joys that other people can bring into our lives, especially in a time where there are so […]

Interview: Hannah Judson Shares New EP “Stingray”

Singer-Songwriter Hannah Judson is based in Paris, France, but started out in the Chicago indie music scene. She has recently released “Stingray” on Boneyard Records, recorded in Sacramento, California and Fontainebleau, France. This set of songs are her most optimistic and forward looking. Check out our interview to learn more about Hannah Judson and Stingray. […]

Andrew Vogt – “Awakening” (ft. Sam Trump & Jeff Swanson)

Bassist/Composer/Instrumentalist Andrew Vogt strives in the Chicago music scene with his musical diversity. His newest release “Awakening” is the first single from the upcoming album with the same title. Andrew Vogt performs in front of a full house at Form Chicago in the video performance, which is an open space for the Chicago community of creatives to together to showcase their skills, services and […]

Interview: ZORILA Prepare For The Release of Their Acoustic Album ”Sidney”

American alternative rock four-piece based in Chicago, Illinois, ZORILA, brings quality rock music to the masses with the release of their debut album, Sidney. Their diverse musical influences including Kings of Leon, The Killers, Arctic Monkeys, Cage the Elephant, and many more, inspire them to continue making waves in the music industry while connecting with listeners all over the […]

Glitter Assassin – Whisper Then Breathe

Chicago-based band Glitter Assassin have released their latest sophomore album, Whisper Then Breathe. Released on December 10, Whisper Then Breathe includes 5 tracks well worth listening to. If you like listening to guitars in layer form then you’re definitely in for a treat. 20 minutes will seem to fly by as the album comes to a finish. The first track […]

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