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Don Pasquale Ferone Artista – “Certezza”

Italian singer-songwriter Don Pasquale Ferone Artista releases a powerfully inviting new Christian album, Certezza, which further aligns with his religious beliefs and love for music. He is the parish priest in the province and suburbs of Naples who has always held a strong passion for the guitar since his early childhood days when he first picked up the skill at […]

INTRODUCING: AR Base – “Double Blessing”

Artist AR Base has just released his most recent single “Double Blessing,” a Christian Hip Hop and R&B dedication to God featuring a catchy and enjoyable lyricism that instantly keeps us engaged with its Hip Hop/R&B style-like beats. With musical resemblances to Usher in sound and R&B vocals, AR Base speaks of the blessings he’s received in his life. […]

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