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The Band Kris Releases Confidence-Ridden New Single “Bleach”

Discovering The Band Kris may quite possibly connect you with some of the most relatable, enjoyable stories created. This sister duo made up of Jamilyn and Dani takes particular moments from their lives and turns them into coherent, admirable productions that will instantly take you back to moments in your life. Their newest release “Bleach” reminisces on the […]

Dave Ledoux Releases New Amazing Broken Project

THE SIGNATURE TUNES OF DAVE Struggle, confidence, motivation and performance are said to be the building blocks of an artist. Dave LeDoux is the name of those words. A struggling soul ever since his childhood, it is not exaggeration calling him a genuine musician. The way he dedicated his early ages in learning musical instruments. […]

Holly Abraham – “Love Will Come”

Indie folk pop artist Holly Abraham illustrates how putting your creativity and emotions together can create powerful project as seen in her debut EP Love Will Come filled with stories of love, confidence, and life experiences. Her honesty shines in this beautiful collection of melancholic songs that also dives into the importance of discussing how our mental health has […]

King Reynard – “Sunset”

There’s no doubt King Reynard is leaving his mark on the world everywhere he goes, whether it’s as an Artist, Marketer, Creator, or Coach. Reminiscing on the goodness of one particular person, his latest release “Sunset” arrives as the first single of his debut album Oceanz, dropping this May 2020.  “Sunset” keeps a distinct flow as his sincere verses roll off […]

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