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Jaea Releases Confident & Inspiring Self-Titled Debut EP

Singer-songwriter Jaea takes inspiration from the 90s music scene and her personal love for R&B ballads to release music flowing heavily within the R&B genre while merging others such as Rock, Soul, Pop, and Hip Hop. Her debut EP Jaea integrates a deep, passionate love for music as well as a strong versatility in her sound. She has ingrained the […]

Todd Barrow – “Country’s Just Cooler”

Country music fans everywhere, get ready ’cause Texas-based Country artist and songwriter Todd Barrow is shining a light on one of the best music genres out there with his newest release “Country’s Just Cooler.” Just as the title suggests, real Country music is a lot cooler and enjoyable to listen to these days. Barrow share his honest thoughts […]

Casey Dreux – “Maybe”

Holding a myriad of titles, singer, songwriter, actress, screenwriter, and entrepreneur Casey Dreux has released her debut single, “Maybe” feauting a soft, memorable melody and clever lyricism. With a catchy hook appearing all throughout the single, “Maybe” is a dedication to that one special person that we want to spend the night with while creating some new […]

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