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Interview: SHIRA Releases Self-Made New Single “save me” During Mental Health Awareness Month

Putting your thoughts and emotions into songs isn’t always something easy to accomplish. Up-and-coming artist SHIRA easily takes on the task and delivers an authentic, relatable new single titled “save me,” that she engineered and produced herself. Read below as she discusses the inspiration, creation and meaning behind “save me!” Congratulations on your debut release “save me”! […]

Interview: Izzie’s Caravan Explores The Creation Of His Newest EP “Zephyrs”

Izzie’s Caravan may have taken a decade away from his music but he’s back with new releases that you’ll definitely want to check out! In our interview we discuss his song releases, Zephyrs, and what’s coming up next in the future: There’s tons of raw and authentic emotions in your newest EP, Zephyrs, which was recently […]

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