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Danjul – “The Path”

Included in a phenomenal collaborative album, rising artist Danjul joins in on the fun with his bold and self-confident single, “The Path.” Pop Right Now is jam-packed with 30 minutes of nothing but good vibes with Pop songs from a variety of artists in this addictive music genre. “The Path” stands out as the seventh track taking […]

Danjul Releases Debut Pop Single “Lollipop Girl”

After the release of his popular EDM and Pop song, “Eyes On You,” Danjul shares a new Pop single set to get you up and dancing along to the highly infectious rhythms! At the start, “Lollipop Girl” opens with an omnious intro, unclear to the listener what direction the single will be headed. Then the beats make […]

Danjul – “Eyes On You”

Prepare for tons of good vibes and positive beats when you listen to Danjul on the recently released EDM/Pop single, “Eyes On You.” Breakout artist, Danjul, sings incredibly smoothly while singing about dancing with someone for the rest of the night until the lights turn back on in the club. “Don’t stop dreaming / Move your body […]

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