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INTRODUCING: Miccoli Set To Release “Magnify” Official Music Video On February 19

British/Italian sibling band MICCOLI will release the music video for their highlight single “Magnify” off their debut album, Arrhythmia on February 19. “Magnify” discusses infidelity and the wide range of emotions one feels when they find out their partner isn’t being faithful to their relationship. The single depicts trying to avoid that initial gut feeling before it […]

Stone Emperor – “Planet Ruin”

California-based three piece stoner Rock band Stone Emperor come together to spread the word on their debut album Planet Ruin. This collection of seven riff heavy musical pieces is your introduction to a band with dominating music you won’t want to get out of your head. Stone Emperor joined forces in 2017 to create their own heavy metal and punk rock […]

Dirt Track Racer – “Something’s Gotta Give”

Hailing from Southeastern Pennsylvania, Dirt Track Racer returns with their sophomore album, Something’s Gotta Give. This is Dirt Track Racer’s first album since the release of their debut album, Kick Off Your Muddy Boots, in 2014. Their latest album Something’s Gotta Give includes twelve songs geared towards fans of the Americana, country blues, folk, country, jazz, and latin music genres. Of the 12 songs eight of them […]

Devin Sunshine Prepares To Release Debut Album “Runaway”

Los Angeles rapper, singer and producer, Devin Sunshine, prepares to release her debut album release Runaway in late January after sharing a collection of self discovery songs on her EP, Bloom. Her latest release Bloom is Devin’s third EP of 2019. The EP focuses on the theme of ‘blooming’ into oneself, while taking listeners through the […]

Brady Novotny – “Ancient Romance”

Melodic-Rock guitar artist and instrumentalist, Brady Novotny, shares his latest release of “Ancient Romance,” an instrumental song played only on his guitar from his debut album, Passions Collide. With this single, Novotny hopes to transport the listener into another time period. The song is a combination of melodic rock guitar with a Flamenco-inspired breakdown. After listening and watching the video, fans will […]

Ashley Puckett – “Medicine”

Country singer Ashley Puckett has released the first single from her upcoming debut album, Never Say Never. “Medicine” shares a real love story shown in true Country form with its imagery and sounds. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Puckett uses her inspiring lyricism to tell powerful stories in her songs while also connecting with her audience on a much deeper […]

West of Corey – “Course of Things to Come”

Eclectic Minnesota-based acoustic blues, rock & metal band West of Corey shares “Course of Things to Come,” a single off their debut album Slammed. The trio in the band, West of Corey, combines the efforts of lyricist, producer, and bass player James West Foster and composer-guitarist Corey Birkholz. Lead singer, Janine Taft, completes the exciting bonanza of acoustic rock, […]

The Pierce Project – “Cry Me A River”

The Pierce Project share “Cry Me A River,” as a single release from their debut album filled with memorable moments for each member to showcase their musical talents. The twenty-four-track album, Last Days of Summer, was released this past summer after a year of meticulously putting this double album together for their friends and family. They’ve sent it […]

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