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Multitalented Artist Dominican Mr. Kalifé Releases New Single “Celos y Envidia”

Mr. Kalifé is a Dominican actor, model, and urban artist who was born and raised in a low-class neighborhood in the capital of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. As a kid, Kalifé dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. However, due to the level of poverty, his family was experiencing, he had to abandon his dream […]

China Bamboo – “Ambivalence (For You)”

Four piece alternative rock band China Bamboo releases their second single “Ambivalence (For You),” which started out as an ode to the growing pains of adolescence that many teenagers can identify with. Its melancholic emotions are captured by the sentimental lyrics poured from band member Ruby’s heart into the song. The Brighton, UK band are a collective of established friends combining […]

Jeymon – “Tuesdays In July”

Indo-Canadian pop star Jeymon brings a refreshing breath of positivity in his debut single “Tuesdays In July,” featuring nothing but good vibes from beginning to end. The up-and-coming singer from Vancouver, Canada, taps in a creative and energetic team that come together to display his vibrant personality. This single reminisces on the happiness one night brought […]

Gabrielle DeRosa Reveals Exclusive New Single “Everything I Know”

Gabrielle DeRosa announces the exclusive release of her debut single “Everything I Know”! Her hope for a positive, happier world is shown through the selected scenes: Thank you for speaking with us! What inspired you to start releasing your own music? I decided to become an independent singer-songwriter at 19 years old, with the release of […]

Interview: Jehan Discusses Debut Single ”Peace of Mind” & More

After releasing her debut single “Peace of Mind,” artists and producer Jehan continues to develop her sound and connections to deliver uplifting, inspiring new music. Check out our interview to learn more about her: Hey Jehan! Thank you for talking with us. You have a really unique way that you present your music. You are an artist and a […]

Mason Holiday – “Heaven”

American singer/songwriter Mason Holiday released his debut single, “Heaven,” on February 14th with scenes that bring back feelings of nostalgia from the 1950’s and 60’s. The track has quickly garnered over three hundred thousand plays in its first month as people discover this romantic ballad they can dedicate to that special person in their lives. The first […]

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