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Martin Brothers – “So Cold”

DJ duo Martin Brothers specializes in providing listeners with an infectious amount of synth-pop opening up the doors for an enjoyable time whenever their songs come up. Their newest single “So Cold” is a refreshing blend of catchy rhythms and well-crafted visuals along with their signature appearance reminiscent of Daft Punk. The Martin Brothers have perfectly niched down their musical […]

Entropia Crafts A Deep, Euphoric Flow With His Latest EP “The Frequency”

GENRE : TECHNO / DEEP TECH Adelaide based up and coming producer/DJ seems to be vibrating on the highest of frequencies in 2020. Entropias pro active attitude towards his music career has recently caught the attention of Adelaide based record label Pump and Fade records who will be releasing his latest EP The Frequency with a release […]

Mhod – “Don’t Mind”

Music has the power of empowering many people, especially at a very young age. DJ and Producer Mhod discovered his fascination with the flow of music beats, leading to the desire to share his passion with anyone who would listen. He eventually began working with different labels such as Defected Records, Elrow Music, Repopulate Mar, Incorrect Music, […]

HateBerry – “Booo”

The dynamic duo HateBerry release a powerful, exciting new release titled “Booo” (feat. Seiwuh), which creates its own lane in the Electronic world while displaying the love someone has for a person in their life. HateBerry is formed by the DJ and producer duo, Cullen and Curvy, who produce their own music while also previously creating music for festivals and […]

Topo La Maskara – “Original”

Ignited by the powerful reactions to the release of his most viral Billboard song in 2018, “Scooby doo Papa,” Topo La Maskara is making waves in the Dominican Republic with his music within the Urban genre. The singer, songwriter, and producer keeps the energy flowing with singles in the modern dancehall and afrobeat genres. “Scooby doo Papa” generated almost 3 Billion Views, […]

DJ Hasan – “Majestic”

Get ready to party the night away with DJ Hasan! His latest single “Majestic” instantly jumps out within the Organ House music scene as its serene rhythms, tranquil female vocals, and upbeat beats blend into a sweet flowing song perfect for any occasion. “Majestic” is part of this United Kingdom-based music producer and DJ’s debut EP release Elegant But Rude. It’s […]

Interview: Rikardo Set To Release “Thinking ‘Bout You” On May 29

Rikardo has an abundant amount of skills as a Sound Designer, Field Recorder, Audio Engineer, Producer and DJ. With music being one of his main focuses in life, Rikardo is set to release a new single after feeling inspired during this period of quarantine. “Thinking ‘Bout You” tells a story of love growing between two people during the summer. Although […]

Ata Erol – “You”

Born and raised in Sakarya, Turkey, music came naturally to Ata Erol as he began creating music at an early age while learning to play the drums, organ, guitar, and piano. His newest release “You,” a high-energy single about a special someone in his life, is by a woman’s electric voice and sultry beats. It’s currently ranked […]

Interview: DJ Alonzo Logan Dominates The EDM Music Scene With Newly Released Singles

Alonzo Logan is a DJ and electronic dance producer based in San Diego, CA, where he records and performs live for large crowds of EDM fans. Our interview dives deep into his current and past releases, favorite accessories to use while performing and regular life as a DJ. Read on as you’ll find out about this […]

Michael Hanke – “Gucci Flame” (ft. Seanny S Tone)

Michael Hanke teams up with singer and beat producer Seanny S Tone on this priceless new track titled “Gucci Flame.” Including a dope beat, both creatives come together to share their love for the iconic brand Gucci. Seanny S Tone produced the beat while the song was mastered by DJ Sipres. With over 12,000 views on Youtube, their […]

HOPEX – “Home”

HOPEX enthralls listeners with a catchy mix of electronic sounds in his latest release, “Home,” which has reached over 1 million views alone on the popular Youtube channel Trap City. The Netherlands-based electronic musician and DJ includes an addicting combination of future bass and trap in “Home.” Its unexpected drop comes as a woman’s voice sets the scene “they say you […]


As a celebration of friendship & mutual love for music, N2BLU dedicate their newest single “DANCE (DJ C.A.)” to the loss of a fellow DJ and friend. “We dedicate this song to the memory of Chris Allen Mason (DJ C.A.). Chris was one of my best friends, a fantastic DJ, and one of the reasons I am still […]

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