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Multitalented Artist Dominican Mr. Kalifé Releases New Single “Celos y Envidia”

Mr. Kalifé is a Dominican actor, model, and urban artist who was born and raised in a low-class neighborhood in the capital of Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. As a kid, Kalifé dreamed of becoming a professional baseball player. However, due to the level of poverty, his family was experiencing, he had to abandon his dream […]

Saudy Familia – “Only You and Me”

New York is booming with fresh talent ready to share what they’ve got with the world – including Saudy Familia, a Dominican-born composer, songwriter and drummer releasing music like “Only You and Me” that attracts young American and Latino audiences to the rhythms and sounds of the beautiful Caribbean. Saudy Familia was influenced to follow his passion for music at […]

INTRODUCING: Dominican Artist Altur Santos Shines In Debut Single “Baby Love”

Altur Santos, Dominican Reggaeton singer and songwriter from Dominican Republic, releases a romantic debut single  displaying how love between two people can grow through the years. “Baby Love” encompasses passion and childhood crushes while showing how easy going true love should be when you’ve found the right one. The 26-year-old singer, saxophone player, and songwriter identifies with how important the use of […]

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