FALL or FLIGHT Release Their Newest Double Single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR”

FALL or FLIGHT, the anonymous creator of the EP rUDIMENTARY releases their newest double single “tHE eLEVENTH hOUR” with a two-sided perspective on first developing an ever-lasting infatuation between two people who desire to be with one another and then focusing on building a serious relationship after all the emotions are out in the clear. […]

FALL Or FLIGHT Release Impressive New EP “rUDIMENTARY”

Not many artists hold your attention within the first few seconds like FALL or FLIGHT does! The Pop/Electronic artist FALL or FLIGHT turns their projects into captivating creations that send listeners into another universe unexpecting of what will come from the adventure. It’s the unknowingness that brings in a sense of intrigue and mystery to […]


Pop and Electronic artist, FALL or FLIGHT, keep up with their “aUTHENTIC” vibes in their new single available today. “aUTHENTIC” is their second single released featuring sounds mixed with Jazz wave, Hip Hop, and electronic instrumentation. The single shares the story of the vocalist trying to beg their partner to stay in their struggling relationship. Emotions unwind and reveal themselves with the […]

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