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2/9 Weekly Music Roundup

It’s a new week full of exciting singles/albums that caught our eyes and ears! Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends! 1. Mark Ambuter –  “Love is Everywhere” With an exciting musical introduction, Mark Ambuter returns with his latest single “Love Is Everywhere.” He praises the love […]

Mackenzie Nicole Releases “Fun” From Autobiographical Album “Mystic”

“I did whatever I wanted whenever I wanted, answering to no one (not even myself) for my actions with no regard for the consequences. The joy of recklessness was short-lived, however, and at the end of the day, I felt empty. Maybe I wasn’t having ‘Fun’,” Mackenzie Nicole said. The 12-track album Mystic tells Mackenzie’s story in a […]

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turned To Stone”

Canadian singer, Lynne Taylor Donovan shares a lighthearted and fun video detailing the music industry in her latest single,  “Turn To Stone.” At first glance, the industry is beginning to shape her into the person they want her to be: a puppet to the executives in the industry and performing for hundreds of crowds every […]

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