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Davesar – “Broken”

Originally from India and now based in Brooklyn, NY, independent artist Davesar has released the mesmerizing new lyric video for “Broken,” detailing the tumultuous memories compiled from a relationship. Davesar, aka Nakul, is one half of the Mumbai/New Delhi electronic duo Burudu making headlines all across India including Rolling Stone India, GQ India, Verve Magazine, and many more. […]

Interview: Chianne Shares Unconditional Love Through Her Music

Today we’re bringing in a uniquely amazing new artist named Chianne, who writes songs all about unconditional love, self-love, empowerment, authenticity, and spiritual awakening. Learn more about her journey here: Thank you for being with us!  Where are you based and where would you say your fan base is? I am based in Los Angeles but […]

Sharvesh – “Trance”

Life can be so surreal sometimes that certain moments can put us in a trance and unsure of what’s coming up next. Sharvesh drops his newest song “Trance” discussing that feeling of being in a trance and going through life without a specific direction. Sharvesh, an emerging hip hop artist from India, easily puts his anger and frustation into […]

Airon El Hijo De Mechi – “Bajamos Top”

Airon El Hijo De Mechi revuelta la fiesta desde La Romana, República Dominicana con su nuevo disco, “Bajamos Top.” Trabajando con Music For The People Digital, ellos grabaron el video en la calle con todo el grupo divirtiéndose con la música de él. Airon El Hijo De Mechi ha creado un disco para todos, que hasta los que están viendo […]

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