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Bruce Baker – “I Am Your Healer”

Bruce Baker encourages listeners to have strength, faith, and courage in his newest single, “I Am Your Healer.” Currently available on all digital music platforms, this song is inspiring and a beautiful reminder to be there for one another during a stressful time of need. Baker appears as a shining light of hope as he sings […]


Daddylooksgood is one of the few Long Beach, California independent rappers making a mark on the music industry. With his newest release “Relentless,” the hustle never stops and he uses his contagious lyricism to inspire others to fight for their dreams. 27 year old rapper Daddylooksgood has racked up over 70,000 total views on Youtube with his catchy beats, […]

Rev. Peter Unger – “The Sounds of Christmas”

As the Christmas holiday slowly appears, Rev. Peter Unger is one of those artists releasing holiday music to spead more cheer. Influenced by different musical artists and his Christian church, Rev. Peter Unger creates music with the sole purpose of uniting people with their religious beliefs. His usual calming, inspiring, comforting, prayerful, and Grace-filled songs are slowly making […]

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