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Interview: Pekeke Discusses Newest Project Releasing In 2021

Former vocalist of Puerto Rican Rock groups Vialterna, Las Cargas, Ortiz y Yeva, Pekeke, joins us in discussing his Pekeke Project coming in 2021. Read more about his journey down below: Please talk to us about your project Pekeke. Hello and thanks for having me here. I don’t want get into deep about what Pekeke means but it represents […]

Interview: Soviet Spacedog Shares Debut Album “A Shotgun State of Sunshine”

Soviet Spacedog joins us today to break down the release of his debut album A Shotgun State of Sunshine. The experimental electronic musician enlists a fascinating approach to his psychedelic pop music instantly grabbing our attention. Check out the rest of the interview down below: Welcome to Music Trails!  Thank you for having me. How has 2020 been for […]

Interview: Singer-songwriter Nicki Kris Discusses New Podcast “Mixing It With Nicki Kris” & Newest Single Release

The award-winning singer-songwriter Nicki Kris joins us to discuss her current endeavors in the music business, including the books she recommends to any reader. Her current release “Is This Love” is available now! Get to know Nicki Kris in our exclusive interview: Hi Nicki! Great to have you here today! I’m excited to be here! Thanks for the opportunity. […]

Interview: Singer-Songwriter Natalie Jean Discusses How Music Can Powerfully Break Down Barriers

Natalie Jean is an award-winning multi-nominated multi-genre singer-songwriter who identifies music as a powerful way of moving the world. Her music is constantly shifting the way we think. Check out our interview: Hi Natalie! Thanks for being here today! How often do you set goals for yourself?  I set goals for myself every single day. There are so […]

Interview: Joey Stuckey Inspires The World To Dream Bigger

Award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator, Joey Stuckey, shares his thoughts on the power of chasig one’s dreams. He shares his own tips on how he’s been able to succeed in life. Hi Joey! Thanks for being here! Glad to be part of the conversation! What have you […]

Interview: Kendra Muecke Set To Release New Christmas Single This Friday

Artist, writer and actress Kendra Muecke joins us today to share the exciting news on the release of her upcoming single coming on Friday, December 4th. Get to know her before the single releases: Hi Kendra! Thanks for taking the time to chat with us! Thank you so much for inviting me to interview. How often do […]

Interview: Mindy Pack Celebrates Christmas With Us With New Holiday Single

Please help us in welcoming Mindy Pack, who’s bringing in the holiday cheer with her latest single release “Shine for Me Again, Star of Bethlehem.” Although the single differs from the average Christmas song, it creates a nostalgic feeling of celebrating the miracles that come with the holiday season. Welcome, Mindy Pack! Excited to chat with you! You […]

Interview: Brett Pruneau Releases EP “The Real Thing”

Brett Pruneau has been touring throughout North America and Europe since the age of 17, with an emphasis on performing live with an ensemble of musical groups. He’s now releasing his own collection of songs on The Real Thing with a few unexpected twists fans will enjoy. Check out the EP down below: Hello Brett and welcome!  You just released […]

Interview: KJB Shares Musical Journey & Upcoming New Single “Steady Stepping”

Female rap artist KJB is the newest member of the Unrivaled Records team preparing to release new music. “Steady Stepping” is coming soon from the upcoming album The Everything I Never Said. Read the rest of our interview to get to know this up and coming artist ready to show the world her talent! Welcome to Music […]

Interview: Sonic Radiation Releases Dance Single “Roentgen”

Sonic Radiation joins us for an in-depth interview based on his newest single release “Roentgen” as well as the way in which he constructs addictive electronic dance music that captivates listeners into wanting more. Welcome – Thanks for sharing your music with us! How has 2020 been for you? Hello! Thank you so much for […]

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