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Matt Blankenship Jr. & The Sometimes Island Yearn For Lost Connection In “Phantom Limb”

Los Angeles based synth pop band, The Sometimes Island, releases “Phantom Limb” to dicuss the addictive state of being in a relationship headed towards a fall. “Our love for someone often chains us to situations that crash, except the crash comes in waves, and the highs of the waves blind us to the ever-lowering lows, to the trend […]

INTRODUCING: Chuy Boi – “7 Days A Week”

Hip-Hop/Rap artist Chuy Boi seeks to inspire his community to continue hustling for their dreams with his tenacious single, “7 Days A Week.” The uptempo single was released through his record label No BordersEmpire. Filmed in the beautiful state of Florida, Chuy Boi attracts views with his non-stop hustle, dope instrumentals and beats, and heavy, relatable verses. Viewers of […]

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