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Mic Rocca – “ROI”

Similar to his previous release, “Dream Space” where Mic Rocca realizes he has the power to create the life of his dreams, “ROI” settles into a relatable anecdote on the hard work put into something and still putting in the time to see the return on investment of his efforts. Listening to this single more than once […]

Mic Rocca Dreams Of A Better Future In “Dream Space”

Los Angeles based rapper Mic Rocca writes, produces and mixes his own melodic music releases bringing a whole new vibe to the hip hop game. “Dream Space” is his latest single released through his own publishing company/Record Label Randumb Enterprises displaying his growing artistry and variety of skills in sales, marketing, and promotions. “Dream Space” sounds like a Rick & Morty rendition of someone realizing their power […]

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