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Lexi Mariah – “Waterfall”

Lexi Mariah shares her upcoming empowering new anthem “Waterfall” set to release on Friday, November 20th. “Waterfall” dicusses getting through those everyday struggles where negativity from society seems to follow us everywhere. The electro-pop track integrates the use of dynamic drums and warm acoustic guitar, alongside her passionate lyrics and powerful vocals. As her fourth release, this will be another introduction to […]

Interview: Unrivaled Records Releases A New Album Inspiring The World To Go After Their Dreams

Unrivaled Records is a fresh new independent label led by Daniel Cantrell leading the way for independent artists to showcase their music with professionals in the music industry. With the release of Unrivaled Music, Vol. 1, Cantrell is putting himself on the forefront of the album. Congratulations on the release of your instrumental album, Unrivaled Music, Vol. […]

Flora Camille – “Is It Really You”

Emerging Trap Pop artist Flora Camille is rapidly claiming her spot within the music industry with a euphoric Post Malone-style and dreamy melodies in her songs. Her latest single “Is It Really You” discusses the saddening moment when one realizes that the person they’re with may not be the right person. Growing up on notable musicians such as Kate Bush, Depeche […]

Reasons Every Musician Needs Instrumental Beats

Why buying instrumental beats is a big advantage for every musician? Anyone who is new to the music industry needs to know that buying beats can have a lot of advantages. With the emergence of the internet, the online world is like a room full of music resources ready to be used by music artists. […]

Interview: Olivia King To Release “Old Soul” On The 15th!

Olivia King is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and entrepreneur from Warwick, Rhode Island, about to release her sentimental new single “Old Soul.” Not only is she creating music for herself, Olivia is also the founder and CEO of Make Music Moves, an online course that teaches independent artists how to be successful in the music industry. Read our interview […]

B.Me – “The Golden Age (Album)”

B. Me inspires us to put in the work with the release of her newest single “Bling” ahead of her album The Golden Age dropping on her birthday, October 23rd! Female rappers are proclaiming their positions in the music industry now more than ever before. B. Me, also known as B.Me The Diamond Diva, comes in with an energetic new […]

Interview: Chris Pizzolo Finds Growth In His Immediate Family Record Label

Welcome Chris Pizzolo, an entrepreneur, musician, and writer from New York City, running his own company – the Immediate Family record label. We discuss the rise of his company while also playing music that’s close to his heart. Read more about his journey down below: For those of you who don’t know what you do can you explain […]

Swaggy Trob – “Outta Reach”

As a new young artist coming up in the music/dance scene, Swaggy Trob is set to release his newest album Outta Reach this upcoming September! It’ll feature fan favorites “Splash Bros,” “Groovy Tea,” and“Hot Stuff,” which all bring their own unique flavor to the mix of good vibes, concert kind of energy, and producing an easygoing mood he eagerly portrays through each […]

Interview: Paige Rutledge Discusses Her Influential Growing Musical Career

Country singer Paige Rutledge revels in the authenticity of the lyrics and sound found within the genre that has captured her desire to tell her stories through music. Today we discuss her successful journey in the music industry as she releases new music this year! What inspires your music? I try to write about real life experiences […]

Buffalo NY Artist Widell Inks Deal With Sony Distribution

We’re excited to share some exciting news of Buffal, New York based artist Widell, who’s now signed to a SONY Distributor ad paving his way through music industry! Widell first began recording music when he was just 16 year old, marking his passion for music with the drop of his mixtape All We Do Is […]

Interview: Nick Walker Releases Summer Hit “Smooth Sailing”

Nick Walker is just getting started but he’s definitely leaving his mark on the music industry. His vibrant sound will leave you dancing and waiting for more! If you haven’t listened to “Smooth Sailing” yet, make sure to check it out! Congratulations on your new single “Smooth Sailing”. What’s the single all about?  My new single “Smooth […]

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