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Producer Karamar Set To Release “Nightcrawler” Music Video This Friday

Australian producer and composer Karamar releases an impressive variety of Melodic Techno songs that instantly comes alive with each listens. Each futuristic chord progression, memorable melody, and hard-hitting sound come together to form the perfect playlist of dance songs any fan of Techno/Dance/EDM can find appealing. The latest single “Nightcrawler” includes a light and airy feel to the dynamic beats […]

Qmiomo – “Do You Know How It Feel”

Rapper Qmiomo shares a raw and honest new release “Do You Know How It Feel” discussing the way life has brought him down while helping him become the best man he could possibly be. He shares these stories through his passion for music. His artist name Qmiomo, signifying “made it on my own,” displays his tenaciousness to create the life […]

Interview: Anastasia Hera Shares “Clarity” Music Video

Anastasia Hera joins us in celebrating her latest single “Clarity” as well as discussing the power of social media for songwriters all over the world: We are stoked to have you today. Tell us about your fall season so far! What are you up to?  Fall has been comfortably busy so far. In addition to pushing […]

Vincent Krennerich – “Gedanke”

Vincent Krennerich releases the music video for his newest composition “Gedanke,” which is inspired by the idea of having a restless state of mind and unknowing what to do about it all. Choreographer and dancer Nastya Memphis displays the push and pull of the universe while trying to get settled into what one desires. As she moves around the […]

Premiere: Ilandria Blissfully Finds Her “Strange Love” In New Music Video

New York based singer Ilandria premieres the music video for her latest single “Strange Love,” portraying a curious and creative take on a relationship between two people who come together through their strange habits and interests. Appearing in a large colorful forest, Ilandria acts as cupid with her own bow and arrow ready to strike towards her crush. Her eclectic […]

Alva Gunner – “Circles” Cover

Alva Gunner and his beautiful furry companion share their newest music video covering “Circles” by Post Malone. The musician and music producer creatively includes scenes that showcases his musical talents and appreciation for his puppy. The love and affection he shows his puppy in this dedication is apparent throughout the rest of the video. The music video goes […]

Matt Blankenship Jr. & The Sometimes Island Yearn For Lost Connection In “Phantom Limb”

Los Angeles based synth pop band, The Sometimes Island, releases “Phantom Limb” to dicuss the addictive state of being in a relationship headed towards a fall. “Our love for someone often chains us to situations that crash, except the crash comes in waves, and the highs of the waves blind us to the ever-lowering lows, to the trend […]

Interview: TAMER Speaks With Us About The Special Release “Verbrannt”

TAMER candidly speaks about his emotions in his single “Verbrannt” accompanied by a romantic new music video. We spoke about everything from to the release of “Verbrannt” to his plans of releasing music in the upcoming year. Read our interview down below: Thank you for sharing your single “Verbrannt” with us! How are you feeling about sharing this single with […]

Introducing: Marlon D – “Change Is Gonna Come”

California-based hip hop artist Marlon D officially shares the music video for “Change Is Gonna Come,” a single off of his latest album ACT 2. He’s previously released his own mixtapes and albums through his own imprint, MD Entertainment, including his first solo album Shadows Of My Reflection. As well as appearing as an opening act for numerous legends such as Guru from […]

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