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C.K. Marion – Resist

If you haven’t heard of C.K. Marion yet, read more about her down below because her latest released album, Resist, is now available for FREE and you’ll definitely want to listen on any streaming platform. The 13-track album features 9 out of 13 tracks that she produced while also mixing & mastering the album herself. The smooth vocals […]

Xavier Toscano – “Runaway”

Xavier Toscano merges his favorite musical genres to bring a genius piece of work with his energetic single, “Runaway.” His newest single, “Runaway,” reminds listeners that pop music is meant to be created to make us feel good. The uptempo song jam-packed with mesmerising beats and rhythms, combined with a catchy chorus inspires us to stop what we’re […]

Pop Artist PRAYA Combines His Love For All Musical Genres In “Come A Little Closer”

Speaking with us today is Alternative and Pop singer-songwriter, PRAYA, who recently released his single “Come A Little Closer.” As his EP gets closer to its release date, he discusses the motivation behind “Come A Little Closer,” what’s to expect form his EP, and small fun facts that can help readers connect with the young, inpirational […]

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