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Interview: Abledsoul Overcomes Fears To Produce Intriguing New Music

Abledsoul is natural born storyteller. His creativity runs deeper than the music released he’s dropped, catching us off guard in a deep but pleasant way. He has been performing, writing, and working with Grind core, Death Metal, Industrial and Noise music since 1989. From the hardoworking nights putting his music together to the laidback days […]

Marina Arsenijevic Releases New Music “Delilah” & “My Beauty”

When talent prevails and art becomes a certainty, that’s when the name Marina Arsenijevic arrives forward as the artist who is the manifestation of naturally gifted artist. Yup!  You guessed right. Indeed, it is Marina who will astound and amaze you by the validity that how much she has to devote, instantly making her the […]

Interview: K3 Discusses “Entanglement,” Grinding To Release New Music Soon

Keep an eye out for K3, coming up this year with new music after the release of his newest single “Entanglement.”  Here we discuss what’s coming up next, EP “Quarantine & Chill,” and constant inspiration from artists like 6lack, Bryson Tiller and PARTYNEXTDOOR. Thanks for joining us to discuss your music! You’re currently thriving off the release […]

Justin Bieber Promises New Music – If You Do This!

In the upcoming month or so, Justin Bieber may release new music for his beliebers – ONLY if you like his Instagram post! Posted just 5 days ago,  Justin Bieber promised the world new music if the post reaches 20 million likes, which currently holds 11 million likes. Bieber hasn’t given out any details about what […]

10/27 Weekly Music Roundup

For our weekly roundup, we put together new singles/albums we’re quite obsessed with. Stream their songs, check them out on social media, and share their songs with your friends! 1. Denny Strickland – “Harley Quinn” Country rap will never be the same after the release of “Harley Quinn.” Denny Strickland brings together two types of […]

Hayley Kiyoko To Release Album “I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit” In 2020

Hayley Kiyoko fans, get ready! 2020 will be going with a bang with many artists announcing they’ll be releasing new music or products. This includes Hayley Kiyoko with a new album titled “I’m Too Sensitive For This Shit.” In a message on Twitter and Instagram, Kiyoko said to her fans and followers “I find myself constantly discovering who […]

Drifting – Binary Drift

Singer-songwriter Mauricio Yrivarren, widely known as Binary Drift, uses his latest release “Drifting” to let you know “our better days are yet to come.” In 2017, he met with Spanish producer Josemi Sánchez to discuss music. By the end of the conversation, what formed was the 12-track album Pocket Tunes, a simplistic way of reminding you of the music you […]

Sofi Tuckker Released New EP R.I.P. SHAME, PT. 1

American musical duo, Sofi Tukker, recently announced their next EP R.I.P. Shame, Pt. 1. will release on September 20, 2019. R.I.P. Shame, Pt. 1 – Tracklist: Swing Playa Grande Ringless Purple Hat Fantasy This Their upcoming six-track EP comes after the release of the new single “Swing.” You will feel like you’re in an epic battle […]

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