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Seekay – “Wiser”

With a growing passion for creating meaningful songs that move people towards change while moving along to the optimistic beats, Seekay releases “Wiser” to display his mastery of what makes music appealing to others. “Wiser” speaks of the positive times shared on the dance floor while throwing away their fears for an affectionate night filled with emotional breakthroughs. He quickly gets the party […]

Stock Footage – “You And Me”

Following the release of their eclectic release, “Broken Together,” Chicago-based band Stock Footage returns with a new optimistic song titled “You And Me.” “You And Me” contains a beautiful message about feeling secure in the direction you’re headed in life. They sing about the joys that other people can bring into our lives, especially in a time where there are so […]

Stock Footage – “Broken Together”

Stock Footage implements the use of horns and lead guitar lines to blend their pop-inspired songwriting skills in “Broken Together.” Their newest upbeat single takes a look at a relationship between two people as they go through the hard times at the same time and try to make it work with each other. The Indie-Rock inspired single, “Broken Together,” […]

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