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D.Best – “We Are Not The Same” Feat. King Bone & Space Jam Jaye

Maintaining the title for life of the party comes with a few preconceived notions that this trio quickly picked up from the start: dress well, keep the drinks and money flowing, and make sure everyone has a good time. D.Best gathered up the crew to let listeners know “We Are Not The Same” and here’s why: David […]

INTRODUCING: Ike Jackson Feat. Nessa Black – “Lit (EDM Remix)”

Ike Jackson links with Nessa Black on “Lit (EDM Remix),” a smooth remix created to keep everyone lit and moving along with each beat. Experiementing with a EDM remix, their single was written by Nessa Black and produced by Ike Jackson. This is a completely new style for her as her mellow, R&B vocals have helped her leave her […]

Tom A’s El Negro Del Pikete – “Pegaito”

Artista Dominicano El Negro Del Pikete trae la fiesta con su nueva canción “Pegaito.” Perfecto para una noche de club, la canción inmediatamente hace que uno se pare y este preparado para bailar hasta la amanecer. Con fusiones de Latin Trap, Salsa, y Reggaeton, El Negro Del Pikete ha creado un ritmo de musica que rapidamente conecta […]

Sean Cole Keeps The Party Going With “It’s Lit”

Los Angeles based artist Sean Cole captures the essence of a fun night out in his newest single “It’s Lit” from his upcoming project, LIVINGSTONED. 2019 saw the rise of Sean Cole as he toured all over Asia sharing his expressive lyricism and powerful energy from his EP What A Great Year. Now, “It’s Lit” comes at the perfect time to hype listeners […]

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