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Lamontae Foyay Creates His Own Opportunities With New Release “Loading(Hear Me)”

Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer Lamontae Foyay is embracing his musical talents with the release of “Loading(Hear Me).” This new release powers through the notion of realizing that he must create the future he desires, nobody will be able to create it for him. The South Carolina-based indie artist creates a variety of memorable flows, catchy melodies, […]

Producer Karamar Set To Release “Nightcrawler” Music Video This Friday

Australian producer and composer Karamar releases an impressive variety of Melodic Techno songs that instantly comes alive with each listens. Each futuristic chord progression, memorable melody, and hard-hitting sound come together to form the perfect playlist of dance songs any fan of Techno/Dance/EDM can find appealing. The latest single “Nightcrawler” includes a light and airy feel to the dynamic beats […]

Introducing: Livv Megan – “Fallin”

Los Angeles based singer-songwriter and producer Livv Megan releases “Fallin,” a romantic yet reminiscent single speaking about a lost love with the heartwarming lyrics “If I’m fallin would you wanna come?/ If I’m fallin would you, If I’m fallin would you, If im fallin would/ If I’m fallin would you wanna come?” The new single “Fallin” follows the release of “Just A Moon” […]

Herschel Lamont ft. Romario – “Explore You (Romario Remix)”

Herschel Lamont collaborates with DJ Romario on “Explore You (Romario Remix),” the remix for the original single “Explore You.” The Nashville based Singer/Songwriter/Producer has remixed this infectious track sprinkled with a passionate blend of Pop and R&B sounds. The introspective single launches itself into a heartwarming tune filled with honest, loving thoughts about a specific female in his life. The playful lyrics and light […]

Kharfi ft. Cristina Lizzul – “Exception To”

Italian-Morrocan producer Kharfi joins forces with singer-songwriter and actress Cristina Lizzul in “Exception To,” their newest pop-dance single celebrating his first release as an independent artist. Its chill and relaxing opening increase the energy with its bubbly baseline, melodic vocals, and captivating lyricism. The clean production merges with the sentimentally driven stand-out line “I could care for you, be right there for you, […]

Interview: Carli Storms Releases Introspective New EP “Unconditionally Myself”

Based in Los Angeles, CA., singer/songwriter, producer and engineer Carli Storms releases EP Unconditionally Myself encouraging listeners to be who they are unconditionally. Read the rest of our interview down below: Hi Carli! Great to have you here today! Hi! It’s great to be here! Thanks for having me. How do you balance artist life and normal life?  Well […]

Conal Kelly – “Control”

Multi-talented singer-songwriter and producer Conal Kelly magnetizes listeners with the infectious release of  “Control,” further hooking us in with its sleek production from start to finish. The music video will drop on December 11. The Bristol-based musician previously was the frontman of the indie-pop band Watercolours before venturing out as a solo artist. His single […]

Felix – “Getaway”

Birmingham, UK, singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Felix releases “Getaway” amidst the time spent at home desiring a vacation to distance himself from the four-bedroom walls staring at him on a daily basis. It’s accompanied by a rhythmic melody allowing his laidback, catchy lyrics and vocals to shine. Surging through the swift sounds of indie, electronica, r&b, synth-wave, and […]

Kéo Calls On Keenan the First For The Romantic “Count Me In”

Kéo finds comfort in the close corners of the intimate relationship flourishing right before our very own eyes in the new “Count Me In” music video. The romantically inclined video is a snippet of what to expect when Kéo jumps on the director’s seat alongside photographer/videographer GotShotByHer, producer mombrumusic, and the mix and master collective cleancutcollectivela. The R&B/Pop songwriter and producer based in Los […]

D.A.T. (DISTRIBUTION AND TOURS) Is The New Paradigm In Music Distribution Offering Tours To Emerging Independent Artists

Former rapper/producer Mark “Sexx” Skeete alongside other influential individuals in the music industry are behind the well-established music distribution network Dat Distribution (D.A.T). D.A.T offers artists all over the world the opportunity to distribute their music worldwide on over 30 streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pandora, Tidal, and Tik Tok to […]

Interview: Joey Stuckey Inspires The World To Dream Bigger

Award-winning blind guitarist, songwriter, singer, composer, producer, radio and television personality, music columnist, educator, Joey Stuckey, shares his thoughts on the power of chasig one’s dreams. He shares his own tips on how he’s been able to succeed in life. Hi Joey! Thanks for being here! Glad to be part of the conversation! What have you […]

Phantum & rwrXero Return With New Single ”With Me Now”

After receiving tens of millions of streams as a Producer/Songwriter with several prominent and upcoming artists including rwrXero, Yung Mal, FBG Duck, Ali Gatie, AJ Tracey, Uno The Activist, Jordan Solomon, Houdini, Roney, AR Paisley and many others Phantum began to release his own records. This new single “With Me Now” features rising Atlanta rapper […]

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