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Ahanu Creates Moments Of Inspiration In Latest EP “Happy Endings”

Singer, songwriter, and rapper Ahanu releases a reflective new EP Happy Endings appreciating how life has turned out for him and the lessons learned over time. His R&B, chill, downtempo Trap style liberates the impactful moments of the past, the present, and the future that have stayed with him as he continues to evolve and give advice to himself and anyone who […]

Sway Tsunami (G Swayzo) Proves Haters Wrong With “DRIP” & Latest Releases

Virginia based rapper G Swayzo stays on top of his dreams with the newest music video release “DRIP” sharing how he needed to cut people off who didn’t see the vision of where he was headed. The intriguing introductory visual puts into perspective how he wasn’ receiving the support he was seeking. He’s now putting […]

Lamontae Foyay Creates His Own Opportunities With New Release “Loading(Hear Me)”

Singer, Rapper, Songwriter, Producer, and Engineer Lamontae Foyay is embracing his musical talents with the release of “Loading(Hear Me).” This new release powers through the notion of realizing that he must create the future he desires, nobody will be able to create it for him. The South Carolina-based indie artist creates a variety of memorable flows, catchy melodies, […]

D.A.T. (DISTRIBUTION AND TOURS) Is The New Paradigm In Music Distribution Offering Tours To Emerging Independent Artists

Former rapper/producer Mark “Sexx” Skeete alongside other influential individuals in the music industry are behind the well-established music distribution network Dat Distribution (D.A.T). D.A.T offers artists all over the world the opportunity to distribute their music worldwide on over 30 streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Youtube, Soundcloud, Pandora, Tidal, and Tik Tok to […]

E-BOO – “The Moment”

E-BOO is a rising rapper, singer, and songwriter originally from Senegal, born in Bangladesh and currently living in France, who is releasing music with the intention of inspiring listeners to pursue the kind of lives they’re seeking to live. He integrates a captivating array of Rap and RnB into catchy melodies and sounds that make his music impossible […]

LONESA!KO – “Dangerr”

American rapper, singer, and songwriter LONESA!KO is set to release “Dangerr,” available on all streaming platforms on November 17th. Jaden Javon Sanders​, also known as LONESA!KO, integrates his passions for japanese culture and anime into his music influenced by Escape the Fate, Blink-182, Box Car Racer, and Sleeping with Sirens as well as this generation’s all stars Juice Wrld, Lil […]

Qmiomo – “Do You Know How It Feel”

Rapper Qmiomo shares a raw and honest new release “Do You Know How It Feel” discussing the way life has brought him down while helping him become the best man he could possibly be. He shares these stories through his passion for music. His artist name Qmiomo, signifying “made it on my own,” displays his tenaciousness to create the life […]

3lie Fox & AP YCM – “Vvs”

13-year-old rapper 3lie Fox has been quickly making a name for himself in the music industry with the release of “Vvs” off of his debut album 3lie for President. The Buffalo, New York based rapper shares “Vvs” as the headline single off his debut album. The single shows 3lie Fox in his power as he stands for what he believes […]

Trileon ThaGod – “Gold Mack”

Rapper, songwriter, and music producer Trileon ThaGod releases “Gold Mack,” his latest single jam-packed with interesting stories based off of his real-life experiences. Coming straight out of the Queensbridge Projects, Trileon ThaGod discusses living in the ghetto with an intellectual lyricism captivating the wit and wisdom he’s gained over the years. His previous mixtape IAmTrileon features two tracks “Hittin […]

UK Drill Rapper Strategy KI Sharpens His Music Career

Rapper, producer, and director Strategy KI is simply getting better and better in his musical craft with each new release he drops. “Bagged” will be his upcoming single available on December 11! The release in the U.K. has already received a tremendous amount of support through local radio play. “Bagged” is bringing in a new fresh perspective to […]

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