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Luca Mercandino Releases “Forse” & “TRIP” As Rising Artist Luca V

Luca Mercandino, well known as his musical name Luca V, is an Italian singer-songwriter discovering his own capabilities within the increasingly popular Pop and Rap music genres. His desire to create music that influences listeners to continue living their lives to the fullest while finding their inner happiness is an influential factor in his decision […]

Danjul – “The Path”

Included in a phenomenal collaborative album, rising artist Danjul joins in on the fun with his bold and self-confident single, “The Path.” Pop Right Now is jam-packed with 30 minutes of nothing but good vibes with Pop songs from a variety of artists in this addictive music genre. “The Path” stands out as the seventh track taking […]

Yungfester Returns With New Music Releases

Last time we covered Yungfester, we discussed his exciting 2019 releases “Lady” & “Mako,” which have helped put him on the map as one of the rising artists to keep an eye in 2020. This upcoming year is going to see plenty of Yungfester, who will be releasing new music for all his loyal fans anxiously […]

19-Year-Old Sedona Releases Powerful, Raw Debut EP “Middle of the Night”

With the release of her debut EP Middle of the Night, 19-Year-Old student and rising artist, Sedona, shares all her relationship lessons and failures in five short, meaningful songs. ​Currently a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, Sedona continues to improve musically. Her first EP Middle of the Night includes a mix of original songs set to […]

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