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World Goes Round – “Put It On The Line”

World Goes Round will release “Put it on the Line” this upcoming September 25th as a reminder to trust your strength more often as you go through life challenges that can change your world completely. “Put it on the Line” inspires listeners to overcome the fear and self doubt overpowering their lives in order to chase their […]

Break Fate – “Ferocity”

Break Fate unites to give hope to a hopeless world with their newest album release Ferocity filled with themes of growing up, self doubt, heartbreak and the typical existential crisis. Along with the release, Break Fate spent some time with their fans on a live stream album experience that the band did to tease the album. The range […]

INTRODUCING: Break Fate – “Fog”

London based trio Break Fate share their passion for pop punk music bearing similarities to artists like Knuckle Puck, Chief State, Mallory Knox, Say Anything, and Coldplay. Their latest single “Fog” aims to inspire listeneres to chase their dreams. They us their music to shed some much needed light on not letting the world stop you from believing in yourself […]

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