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Dar.Ra – “Rock Steady”

Artist Dar.Ra releases his newest single, “Rock Steady,” an intriguing spin to the popular Werewolf Vigilante story. Calling his music Rock Step, a mixture of Rock and Dance Music, Dar.Ra captivates their listener’s attention with his quick and fast paced single. In the beginning it’s difficult to know what’s going as as he cruises through New York […]

Danjul – “Eyes On You”

Prepare for tons of good vibes and positive beats when you listen to Danjul on the recently released EDM/Pop single, “Eyes On You.” Breakout artist, Danjul, sings incredibly smoothly while singing about dancing with someone for the rest of the night until the lights turn back on in the club. “Don’t stop dreaming / Move your body […]

Alisa Chirco – “Norma Jeane”

Pop singer-songwriter, Alisa Chirco, releases new upbeat single titled “Norma Jeane,” as a celebration of an exhilarating relationship while keeping alive the memory of Marilyn Monroe. Norma Jeane, the alias of who the world believes to be Marilyn Monroe, is an artist who has never been identified. Alisa Chirco describes listening to her songs until her and her crush fall asleep […]

Bobbo Byrnes – “Mrs What’s His Name”

Bobbo Byrnes dedicates the single “Mrs What’s His Name” off of The Red Wheelbarrow to his wife. Filmed in California, Berlin, Prague, Vienna, “Mrs. What’s His Name” refers to a twisted love song of feeling shame of his partner being called “Mrs What’s His Name” because of the way he is. “If I could change, I would/ But you know that I ain’t no good” […]

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