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Tribe Mafia – “Hurt” ft. Rora Wilde

We’re happy to share an early look into Tribe Mafia’s upcoming release “Hurt” featuring Texas-based musician Rora Wilde. Wilde’s powerhouse vocals merge with the rap production enthralled in a Dancehall/Pop/Hip-Hop rhythm that keeps the crowd intrigued with every single one of their releases. Formed in 2010 in Austin, TX, Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels of Tribe Mafia, have continued to leave their mark in the […]

MOHA Creates His Own Musical Path With “I Wanna Know”

Moha, a 22-year-old young international producer, resident in Spain, has signed singles with international labels: Sony music, Disco: wax, Trap nation, Lowly, Bounce United, among many others. Listened to worldwide in more than 75 countries, setting himself with his song ‘Wasted’, released through 8d music, he entered a viral top in Italy. This time he […]

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