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Mackenzie Day – “Fake It”

Mackenzie Day beautifully enchants us with a saddening, truthful new single titled “Fake It.” Her raw and gentle vocals grieve a broken relationship once someone gains the strength to finally move on from the situation. The soulful pop track revels in the dark aftermath of going through a breakup and going through the emotional memories […]

World Goes Round – “Put It On The Line”

World Goes Round will release “Put it on the Line” this upcoming September 25th as a reminder to trust your strength more often as you go through life challenges that can change your world completely. “Put it on the Line” inspires listeners to overcome the fear and self doubt overpowering their lives in order to chase their […]

Bruce Baker – “I Am Your Healer”

Bruce Baker encourages listeners to have strength, faith, and courage in his newest single, “I Am Your Healer.” Currently available on all digital music platforms, this song is inspiring and a beautiful reminder to be there for one another during a stressful time of need. Baker appears as a shining light of hope as he sings […]

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