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Multi-Talented Keyboardist Teddy Wender Releases “Peace Will Come”

Long Island based singer, songwriter, producer, and music Industry Executive Teddy Wender, shares his input on the irreversibly changes we’ve experienced within the past six months our world with his newest single “Peace Will Come.” The multi-talented keyboardist uses “Peace Will Come” to mention how this epidemic has brought a sense of love, peace, equality, and hope throughout the country in […]

INTRODUCING: The Atif – “H.M.U Catfool”(Dubstep Remix)

Dubstep lovers, discover your newest favorite artist, The Atif, and his latest remix “H.M.U Catfool!” With a fast-paced, fist bumping beat, The Atif gets the crowd jumping as each beat drops and slowly descends into a catchy remix. If you haven’t heard of him yet, this song will get you ready to add him to all your […]

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