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BigMattBeatz – “4 REAL”

BigMattBeatz keeps it real in the latest “4 REAL” highlighting how life hasn’t always been easy, yet he keeps a chill vibe about everything and continues to hustle to get his music out there. The synths hype listeners up as we find ourselves bobbing our ahead along to each drop and entertaining visuals of himself […]

Faizan Brings Out Stunning Visuals For “Aether”

There are some songs that don’t stop to ask you what your preferred music genre is or if you listen to this sort of thing or not. Some songs are simply that good that they don’t actually need to ask, because they know you’ll listen to them anyway, and like them, regardless what your musical […]

Dezzy Chamberland Shares His Life Journey In EP Release “Nylah”

Dezzy Chamberland reminisces on his life experiences through his music, which has been a creative outlet to help him stay out of trouble since he began pursuing it at an early age. Every song he’s released is part of a bigger picture and depicts how much music has been an influential part of his life. […]

Conrad Ashton – “Time”

Singer-songwriter Conrad Ashton announces the release of his brand new single titled “Time,” which will be available everywhere on May 22nd. As his first release since 2018, listeners will discover this impeccable rising British singer and songwriter who’s constantly evolving through the education learned and varying approaches he uses in his music. “Time” comes from a massively dark place that turned his […]

My Autumn Amor – “Wish”

Inspiration is a driving force as My Autumn Amor encourages a variety of emotions for their listeners in their leading single, “Wish.” The visuals will move viewers through a French cafe in a homage to Audrey Hepburn and the movie Funny Face. The video will make viewers feel as if the theatre adaptation of the movie they’re […]

Flat River Band – “Every Dog Has Its Day”

Country-folk trio of brothers Flat River Band have released their newest album, Every Dog Has Its Day, which features the single with the same name. The trio comprised of siblings Andy, Dennijo, and Chad Sitze love to have fun when they’re playing music, which it shows throughout their videos. Coincidently on Monday, August 26, “International Dog Day,” the Flat River Band released […]

Lynne Taylor Donovan – “Turned To Stone”

Canadian singer, Lynne Taylor Donovan shares a lighthearted and fun video detailing the music industry in her latest single,  “Turn To Stone.” At first glance, the industry is beginning to shape her into the person they want her to be: a puppet to the executives in the industry and performing for hundreds of crowds every […]

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