Taste Nate – “Floriography”

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Taste Nate, Floriography is the kind of album to make you think about your entire existence while being appreciative of how he’s able to cultivate such raw emotions into these short, revelatory songs.

The six songs on the EP come together to portray its own view on the universe, our inner thoughts, and how we are fully in control of our destiny. Titled “Language of Flowers (feat. DJ Behold),” “Hana Kotaba (feat. Ian McGregor,” “Tussie Mussie,” “Entheogenics (feat. Lmt. Break),” “431 Blues,” and “Galactic Center,” listeners get to know Taste Nate better through each honest lyric and deep, distinctive emotion.

Floriography is a continued pursuit of the mystery; communicating the knowing from inside. By changing the language through your being, you are present in eternity,” Taste Nate mentions.

Jam-packed with catchy raps, intriguing drum synths, and smooth sounds moving freely through each track, this EP captures your attention and keep you hooked once you listen for the first time. It is thought provoking with each new idea sparking a deeper understanding of the universe we’re unconsciously living in every single day.

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