Tatyana Kalko Shares Life-Changing Battles With Addiction In “Cameron”

American Folk/Pop Singer-Songwriter Tatyana Kalko steps into the shoes of a kind stranger dealing with drug addiction who she met during a spontaneous encounter in New York City. Afetr engaging in insightful conversations on the subway, the acoustic song “Cameron” reflects on the desire yet inability to help someone in need.

Tatyana explains, “I was taking the A train one evening and because I’m usually wearing a smile and pretty open to meeting people, this guy starts talking to me about his life. He was on his way to rehab and clearly going through a lot. He had such a sweet heart in the face of all the darkness he was experiencing. I couldn’t say much in response at the time but after we hugged goodbye and I wished him well, this song just came pouring out of me on the ride home.”

“We all struggle to break free from addiction, to connect and find peace, to show that our lives are in order. Sometimes it’s easier to see the perfection in another person than to feel our own wholeness.” The song attempts to remove the shame around pain and failure by exposing the shared humanity in our stories. “The more we see the potential in ourselves and others, the more we all rise to it.”

“Cameron” is a follow up to the debut EP, Yellow and Blue, highlighting Tatyana’s soothing vocals intertwining with layered sounds of the guitar, percussionist, piano, organ and bass. Find the new single on all streaming platforms.


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