Texas Rockers Backhand Sally Release Eclectic Single “No Instructions”

With live shows still an uncertainty for a little while, musical duos like Texas rockers Backhand Sally are focusing more on getting their music out to a broader audience.

Their latest single, “No Instructions,” is the title track from BHS’s latest album. It has a deep-down in the heart of Texas rocking vibe all of the way through. The album itself is a nice little surprise for those who’ve never heard the band before.

The band’s epicenter is a rock-n-roll/Americana duo featuring Louisiana native and vocalist Ginger Grace and Texas-born and raised musician Brock Hard.

Their music is propelled by Ginger’s powerful and soulful vocals backed by Brock’s vintage-style guitar playing.

Not surprisingly, “No Instructions” has been nominated as a finalist for the “U.S. Band Single of the Year” in the 2020 International Singer-Songwriters Association awards.

Every Thursday night the band performs live at 8pm Dallas-time. During the stream the band plays originals and covers, including special requests; answer questions; mix cocktails and interact with their fanbase. Their show stream link is available at https://backhandsallymusic.com/shows

BHS has been called among the last of the ‘classic rock-n-rollers’, but their blend of country, soul, roots, Americana and blues influences, with scruffy vocals and sharp guitar riffs, stands out.

Critics have given the album high marks, including blogs like Indie Rock Cafe, Opening Bell Coffee, Voyage Dallas, Ava Radio and others. Opening Bell wrote that No Instructions: “is a tapestry of stories told through lyrics and melodies that tell the human narrative” with “eclectic, edgy and inspired” songs.

“We waited a while before putting an album together,” Brock says. “Ginger sort of pushed me to write songs and once we started the process was what had been missing in our music, creating our own songs to play for our fans and audiences.”

The result of their efforts is an eclectic mix of the various styles that make the south so rich in music. Unable to live in one genre, Backhand Sally is forging the way for a sound that incorporates the best of their favorite influences and natural sound.

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