The Drunk Monks Release “Decimated Days” Video This November 18

The Australian based Rock band, The Drunk Monks, are gearing up to release their upcoming music video for “Decimated Days” this upcoming November 18th. With a fun loving artist name like this one, you know we’re in for a great surprise!

The Drunk Monks use music to continue to put their own spin on a variety of topics that keeps their music intriguing, creatively stimulating, and a constant in the homes of old school and new school Rock lovers all over the world. Whether they’re rocking out to the infinite depths of battling addiction, mental health, loneliness, isolation, mayhem and all things in-between, it’s certain this band is putting their all into capturing how these themes can take a toll on our everyday lives.

Their newest release slows it down in a way that’s fascinating to listen to how their voices and instruments merge into such a beautifully written piece of music. There aren’t any other songs available to compare this new song to since this is their first release but we’re truly captivated by how simplistically artistic this track has become.

Their music is influenced by a diverse range of sounds ranging from indie rock and blues to raw punk rock right through to electronica and R&B. The Drunk Monks consist of Doc the lead singer and guitarist who recruited J Byrd James the bassist, Mongoose the drummer and Dill-Meister the synthesizer and guitar player who all came in to join him on this expedition of letting the world know how the newest creative Rock band creates timeless performances alongside replayable Rock songs intertwined with other unique musical styles.

“Decimated Days” is the debut single of the The Drunk Monk after joining forces during this crazy year of 2020. The single goes into detail about how letting go of people’s expectations to become who they want to be is truly the only way to find pure joy in life. Their personalities shine through their indie style, slow-tempo single reminiscent of the days they felt more in control than they thought.

Each band member has their moment to shine whether it’s within the background vocals gently leaving its mark to the tender sound of the synths coming on strong throughout the song. With this one release, this awe-inspiring band is coming together to reinvent the connection between creative art and life in a way that makes sense to them while warping all of the expectations people have on what’s titled popular music and its expected kind of performances. This Australian Rock band is quickly showing up with everything they’ve got.

Are you ready to join in on their musical journey to cut loose and rock out with them? First things first, make sure to stream “Decimated Days” on all streaming platforms TODAY and stay tuned for the release of their official music video coming out on November 18th!




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