The Free Mind Discusses Struggle In Debut EP “Sorry I Missed Your Call”

Washington Heights has a new rapper on the scene as The Free Mind releases his debut EP, Sorry I Missed Your Call.

Manhattan, especially Upper Manhattan, is home to some of the most popular artists and rappers in the game, including Cardi B, Melii, Lin Manuel Miranda, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie and many more. It’s full of hungry artists trying to make it and building their own rags to riches story.

The track titled after the EP, “Sorry I missed Your Call” introduces listeners to The Free Mind, his life-changing experiences, and his hustle to make music. Within the first half of the song we know how a tragic death completely affected his life and makes him view the world through different lens. He ends the track by letting everyone know “Sorry I Missed Your Call” but he’s busy doing his thing.

The entire EP follows one notion as mentioned in “Insomnia,” which he repeatedly tells the listener “I gotta survive, so I won’t sleep.” In this track and throughout the album, he lets the listener know he won’t sleep until he’s done. It’s a clear indication of the insomnia that’s overpowered him as he continues to chase his dreams.

Not only does The Free Mind tackle social issues such as anxiety, mental health, poverty, gentrification and injustice, he does all this while representing the neighborhood where he got his start in. All the pain, love, and struggle is worth it because he gets to share his lyricism with the neighborhood that raised him.

Most of the tracks start with a voicemail message from all the important people in his life. Significant to his life in The Heights, his mother appears on “Keep Watch For The Block” warning him about walking around the hood where there’s ton of police activity – a clear normality in the area.

If you’re into Hip Hop & Rap, check out New York rapper The Free Mind and his new EP Sorry I Missed Your Call. You’ll definitely be hearing more of him in the future! Look out for new music and info here on Instagram!

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  1. Another artiste being added up to the world of the artistes and their songs. Wow! Very unique to see this and I cannot wait to get a hold of the song too so I can listen to it myself. Wow! Simply great and I will check it out right now  though I love music a lot but I always try to listen to the new ones as they bring dynamism to my play list

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