The Keymakers – “California in the Sun”

Rising musical duo, The Keymakers, released their exciting new single “California in the Sun” as part of their 7-track debut EP, Spectra.

The music video follows a young woman walking through the beautiful sights in California and from a car driving through clear roads facing large mountains. She explores through the high standing iconic palm trees, popular boardwalk, and eye-catching roads during a beautiful sunset.

“California in the Sun” is a short, fun video displaying what a simple yet enjoyable day in California can look like. She enjoys herself walking around as the duo sings lyrics like “Yeah we can take it coast to coast/ doesn’t matter where we go/ I’m where I want to be”

The Keymakers will be going on a tour across the United States starting this upcoming January. The duo announced the exciting news on social media where they enthusiastically spoke about the EP, “Spectra has been a journey that all started with an idea. That idea turned into a dream and then into a project, and then into our debut EP.”

Then finishing with the message, “Now we’re so excited to finally announce that we’re starting 2020 off with our first ever tour – The Spectra Tour. We can’t wait to bring our vision on the road and share it with all of you. We’ll see you soon.”

If you want to hear more from them, check out the dates below and see when they’re stopping by your city!


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