The New Consistent – “Stories From The 01905”

Upcoming indie artist The New Consistent releases his latest EP Stories From The 01905 including seven new songs as well as the 2019 re-release of “Rude Boys” and the captivating new single “Turn Off All The Screens” featuring Charlotte Lennon.

Stories From The 01905 features a few artists including Charlotte Lennon, Crowie, and Dani Murden on the diversifying EP filled with stories of love, sorrow, and self-discovery. “Stories From The 01905” introduces listeners to the EP inspired title with a steady flow retelling a few important parts of his life that he wants to share with the world. His raps come along with an electronic synth creating intrigue as to what the rest of the EP would sound like.

“Turn Off All The Screens” was created during a difficult time in his life where the words easily summed up every emotion he withheld during the time period. It’s accompanied by Charlotte Lennon, who puts her own touch on the single with her hypnotic vocals. “Touch Of A Woman” closes out an intriguing collection of songs with its romantic outlook on a tender love alongside Dani Murden’s engaging vocals set on a beautiful soundscape of steady beats and quirky riffs.

The EP is an incredibly well-produced arrangement fueled by the creative vision of The New Consistent, who wrote and produced every release. Find Stories From The 01905 on all streaming platforms.

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