The New Republic – Electric Love’s Rock’n’Roller Disco

The New Republic, East Yorkshire’s four piece alt rock band, release head bumping, pop punk style tracks on their newest six track EP, Electric Love’s Rock’n’ Roller Disco.

The EP keeps the crowd dancing while attracting new listeners and broadening the band’s fanbase with their willingness to create a variety of music that everyone will enjoy.

The tracklist, which includes songs like EP opener “Roller Disco,” “Concepts,” “Walk Away,” “Man of Mystery,” “Wonderland,” and “Raindance” all have reminiscents of the late 2000’s Strokes, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, and the 80’s Duran Duran.

Mikey, the lead guitarist discusses the band’s new musical direction on Electric Love’s Rock’n’ Roller Disco: “ …on songs such as “Wonderland” and “Concepts” we really tried to push ourselves with our songwriting to create something new and exciting. Whereas, “Roller Disco” and “Man of Mystery” have a much more punchy sound to them, hoping to grab your attention and get people moving. For us, this is why we write our songs – to get people dancing.”

He continues, “…the whole overarching theme of Electric Loves Rock ’N’ Roller disco was to bring new listeners into the world of The New Republic. We wanted to show people that even though we put the grind in our main aim is to have a good time.”

If you’re ready for a good time and want to discover new music along the way, check out The New Republic  and their latest release Electric Love’s Rock’n’ Roller Disco. It’s a timeless list of tracks that’ll keep you moving through the night.

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