The Phoenix Within – “Tenfold”

Cruising around with a band name like The Phoenix Within, you know they will be releasing some incredible music for all Rock fans out there! Their newest release “Tenfold” delivers a powerful message about learning to leave the chaos behind us and focus on doing good in this world.

The Phoenix Within is a rock project based out of Queens, NY. The band is fronted by singer-songwriter Omar Feliciano and is backed by bassist Nicholas Narlis, guitarist John Narlis and drummer James Narlis.

“We must all try to respect each other and find common ground,” The Phoenix Within shares. “In the path to understanding each other we will move forward, pass the hatred, finding peace and love.

The home-based music video shows the band doing what they know how to do best! They appear playing their instruments  with a set of riffs powerfully merging a three-minute Alt-Rock track perfect for fans of Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182 and Dashboard Confessional. A young couple find themselves on the top of a New York City rooftop arguing. We see the drastic change in the situation once the woman starts releasing all of the pent up anger that’s inside of her to find her inner peace.

“Tenfold” is the talented new release from The Phoenix Within! Check out their past releases on all streaming platforms.


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