The Real King Marz Brings Out Dope New EP

“Marz on Earth” is an honest, refreshing and very much real take on this shady planet of ours. It’s an inspiring breath of novelty on a scene that was stuffy and over-used as it was.

The Real King Marz, the artist behind “Marz on Earth”, brings out a unique and very clever concept, exploring life through the eyes of an alleged alien on this planet. With a very supernatural sort of title, “Marz on Earth” is a very down-to-earth approach to music (no pun intended).

Instead of tackling out-of-this-world theses, Marz focuses on universally relatable ones, like life, love and trying to hold fast and true for your family. It also deals with passion, creativity and hardship, tackling the precarious balance between doing what you love (in Marz’s case, creating music) and finding a way to provide for your family.

For that reason, it’s difficult to catalog “Marz on Earth” into any one genre, because that might put off some listeners. They’ll say “oh, but I don’t listen to that kind of thing”, when they really shouldn’t say that and give this album a listen. With its rich palette of emotions and subjects, “Marz on Earth” manages to paint a very versatile picture of humanity. This makes it easy for pretty much anyone to relate to the tracks on this album, regardless where they’re coming from, or  what kind of music they normally listen to.

“Marz on Earth” isn’t for lovers of any particular genre. “Marz on Earth” is simply music for people. Of any walk of like, and with any and every music style in mind. Among the tracks on this innovative new album, you’re bound to find something to suit your particular taste, whether it’s an upbeat or a slower tune, The Real King Marz delivers with each beat.

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