THE USED NOTES – “Just Enough Love For One Day”

THE USED NOTES releases their own new break up song titled “Just Enough Love For One Day,” perfect for your next heartbreak playlist.

The band merges Soul, Pop, Jazz, Funk, and Blues sounds in their songs to bring unique music to their listener’s ears. After listening to their songs, you’ll feel more connected to your emotions and gain a better understanding on your experiences in life.

The music video for “Just Enough Love For One Day” shows scenes of a relationship breaking apart right from the very beginning. The memories of the relaionship becomes too much to bear and leaves the people involved feeling heartbroken. If you’ve ever been heartbroken, you will be able to identify with THE USED NOTES in “Just Enough Love For One Day.”

Check out the music video for “Just Enough Love For One Day” below!

THE USED NOTES creates music that means something to the average listener who listens to their music. The band discusses topics such as heartbreak, mental health, and love in their songs that reach a larger audience and find themselves sparking important conversations.

To listen to more music from THE USED NOTES, find them on Spotify and their Facebook page!

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