Trash Bandicoot Feat. Tragik – “Reptar”

If you haven’t heard of Trash Bandicoot or Tragik yet, well get prepared for a new song to add to your playlists. Their latest single “Reptar” is tough, the good kind that you find online and keep you jamming out to their song throughout the whole day.

Tragik and Trash Bandicoot are both independent artists from Virginia. They perform all throughout VA to crowds of supportive fans interested in their music. Trash Bandicoot first, who’s being making music for over 7 years now, adopted his name and similar character figure from the popular video game character Crash Bandicoot, which he also sells stickers of for higher brand recognition. Check them out:

Shot By Brick Production, the old school-style music video shows Trash Bandicoot and Tragik giving listeners their best hooks. The frames move fast, their confidence boosts to a high level, and they keep their story going without losing the listener’s focus.

Together, they share their best raps against a smooth, energy-inducing beat. Not gonna lie, the raps are dope and they make good use of every second they have in front of the camera. The cover for the video is also a really cool graphic for their brand! Watch the video for “Reptar” right here:

To find out more about their music and upcoming releases, subscribe to their Youtube channel and follow both Trash Bandicoot and Tragik on Instagram:



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