Tribe Mafia – “Hurt” ft. Rora Wilde

We’re happy to share an early look into Tribe Mafia’s upcoming release “Hurt” featuring Texas-based musician Rora Wilde. Wilde’s powerhouse vocals merge with the rap production enthralled in a Dancehall/Pop/Hip-Hop rhythm that keeps the crowd intrigued with every single one of their releases.

Formed in 2010 in Austin, TX, Chinasa Broxton and Dashawn Daniels of Tribe Mafia, have continued to leave their mark in the music industry with immense passion in performing at annual South by Southwest music festivals and hosting their own listening parties that build a community with other artists.

Rap duo Tribe Mafia dig into the acts of a cheating ex-boyfriend and damaged woman in “Hurt.” “For once make someone else f——g jaded, cut him off cold he can’t shake it, on god my soul ain’t for the takin’,” Wilde sings to an emotionally raw beat filled with confidence.

“Hurt” will be included in their upcoming dancehall album It’s A Tribe Ting distributed by Sony Music/The Orchard on the behalf of College of Hip Hop knowledge L.L.C. distribution team. The music video for “Hurt” will be coming soon as well as the official release available on every streaming platform on January 5th! Pre-save “Hurt” here!

Check out their latest release “TESTIFY” in the meantime, which is currently available everywhere!


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