Trileon ThaGod – “Gold Mack”

Rapper, songwriter, and music producer Trileon ThaGod releases “Gold Mack,” his latest single jam-packed with interesting stories based off of his real-life experiences.

Coming straight out of the Queensbridge Projects, Trileon ThaGod discusses living in the ghetto with an intellectual lyricism captivating the wit and wisdom he’s gained over the years. His previous mixtape IAmTrileon features two tracks “Hittin Chicken Skins” and “I’m The Truth,” which has culminated the years of experience he’s had creating his own rap singles.

In “Gold Mack,” Trileon brings his listeners in with entertaining visuals and conceptual themes of beating the struggles of life. He does it in such an effortless way with melodic vocals, instrumental beats, and a charisma that entices listeners into reaching for the internet to hear more from him.

As the muppet in the music video’s visual makes his way home on the train and in his car, Trileon raps about being there for those in his life while doing what he needs to do to create a better tomorrow fro himself. This is just one single highlighting how this rapper, songwriter, and music producer is thriving with his music.

Watch the music video down below and make sure to follow him online! You won’t want to miss what’s coming next from Trileon ThaGod.


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