Trilogy – “Text U Back”

Not knowing if it’s worth responding to a text message from someone you have a history with is something we can all relate with at some point in our lives. The brother duo Trilogy takes this sentiment to an upbeat new level with the release of “Text You Back,” creating a relatable scenario we can enjoy listening to with its own impressionable music video.

Musicians, singers, instrumentalists, and songwriters Zach (lead vocals/keys/bass) and Gabe (drums/vocals) follow their latest release “Great Escape” with the catchy single “Text U Back” truthfully sharing their feelings on the communication.

“I keep scrolling through my messages/ wonder if I should text you back” Zach sings in the laidback and fun music video as he stands in front of the mic sharing his charismatic personality with everyone who watches. It’s one of those videos fans will instantly watch and see their personalities shine through from the very start.

“Have you all had to figure out if it’s even worth responding to someone? Like, you have history but they are just being so messy… Yeah, this song is about that,” Trilogy shares on an Instagram post.


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