Tristan Cole – “Champion” ft. Tia P

Released on May 11, Tristan Cole reminds listeners to believe in themselves and their unique abilities in his newest single and music video, “Champion” featuring BET’s Next Big Thing rapper, Tia P.

The singer, songwriter, model, actor, and dancer highlights a variety of inspiring situations where the characters succeed in every single one of their endeavors in each scene shown in the accompanying music video. Joining him on the track is the talented rapper, Tia P, who encourages viewers to focus on the positive areas of their lives with her uplifting words.

Tristan Cole’s charming Country/Pop vocals captures his listener’s attention very quickly with his melodic verses and confident demeanor in front of the camera. His own personal tenacity to succeed is demonstrated through each person’s journey as they find who they’re becoming.

Cole sings in a way that appeals to everyone who listens, regardless of personal musical interests. Check out the video below:

“This is dedicated to anyone who has ever been underrated, undervalued, or taken for granted,” Tristan Cole says. “We ALL are champions in our own right! Never forget that! In these troubled times where fear is abundant and a pandemic runs rapid, take courage and know you are not alone.”

Tristan Cole is taking over this year with his attention-grabbing music releases. To find out more about Tristan Cole’s newest single “Champion” featuring Tia P, make sure to follow him on all his social media accounts!


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